Pre-LASIK Surgery Education

During a pre LASIK surgery consultation the doctor usually goes to great lengths to furnish the patient with as much information about this highly effective laser vision correcting procedure as possible. Although it is a great solution to many people’s eye problems this method must be administered carefully at the right time and to the right candidates. Therefore these consultations are usually designed to ensure that the doctor gets as much information about particular individuals as possible before recommending the LASIK surgery as a possible solution or any of the other numerous procedures available. After collecting all the relevant patient information and background the doctor can in good conscience identify a great match that perfectly fits a particular case without worrying about complications such as allergies or infections. After making the match the physicians then proceeds to educate the patient on important LASIK surgery facts such what it is, how it works, and what to expect after the procedure. Armed with this information the patient can easily manage their expectations and even plan their recovery without much trouble. This paper goes into deeper details of the kind of information that one can expect to get at a regular pre-LASIK surgery consultation.

Requirements for LASIK surgery candidates
To qualify for a LASIK surgery procedure the following requirements must be met by the patient:

  • Be above eighteen years of age.
  • Be of stable vision for at least one year prior to the surgery.
  • Have no pre-existing chronic eye illnesses such as affecting the retina, cornea or iris.
  • Be in general great health at the time of the surgery.

Apart from these basic conditions there are many other requirements that a doctor will put forth after carrying out the required tests and comprehensive screening. Issues such as the individual’s medical history such as the presence of chronic illnesses such as diabetes usually tend to be considered before the surgery can be done. Other factors that are regularly evaluated include current prescriptions and medicinal regimes that are bound to affect how the body reacts to a surgical procedure such as the LASIK. While seeking to undertake this surgery at any of the OptiView Vision Centers or with a OptiView affiliated doctor one can benefit from the comprehensive guide and consultation services available to all patients.

In some cases after all these tests and screening a doctor may rule one out for a LASIK procedure at the moment. Although this is disappointing one can actually take care of the obstacles and come back to the doctor’s office after some time ready to take the tests and the surgery at some other time. Indeed in recent years the technology for LASIK has undergone huge changes enabling people with previously unsuitable prescriptions for the procedure to safely enjoy it now. Regardless of the prescription though; one should ensure that they follow all the guidelines that make for a great candidate as they are usually put in place for the protection of the patient. To learn more about pre-LASIK surgery tips visit the OptiView Vision Center website for more information.