Post-LASIK Surgery Basics

Like most medical procedures LASIK comes with a list of temporary life changing issues that might take one a while to get used to. However given its great benefits and ability to literally change the way one previously perceived their world this procedure is well worth the little discomfort. Moreover given its minimalist invasive nature this surgery hardly causes one to make any serious adjustments to their daily lives. The following are a few important things that one should however take into consideration in order to experience a quick happy recovery from the LASIK surgery.

What to expect after the surgery
Right after the actual surgery most patients report a wide variety of feelings and sensations that emanate from this surgery which include:

  • Mild discomfort with irritation in the eyes
  • Tearing or watering eyes
  • Dryness in the eye for the first few weeks which can be alleviated by using eye drops.
  • Dramatically improved clear and precise vision within days of the surgery

Although these reports varied drastically from patient to patient they can still prepare one on what to expect after this surgery. To alleviate any discomfort one can request their doctor for important post surgery eye care tips such as wearing protective eye shields to prevent unconscious rubbing especially while sleeping. All in all a short nap or a rest always tends to solve most of these immediate effects fairly quickly.

Return to normal
Due to the fact that this procedure is very simple and minimally invasive most people are usually able to bounce back to their daily routines fairly quickly. However to avoid overdoing it the following restrictions can help one enjoy their regular lives and guarantee a quick and comfortable recovery at the same time.


  • Although driving is a very important daily undertaking for most people one should avoid driving until they get the green light from their doctor to avoid unnecessarily straining the eyes.
  • One should also ensure that they wear sun glasses while outdoors at all times to protect the eyes from any harmful ultra violet rays.
  • Since reading also tends to strain the eyes one should ensure that they read only in moderation especially during the initial days after the surgery.
  • Accessories such as eye makeup should alsobe avoided as they tend to interfere with the natural composition of the eye further compromising the recovery process.
  • Although rubbing one’s eyes can be an involuntary unconscious habit one should watch it more closely as it tends to aggravate the eyes making them tender and thus affecting their recovery.
  • Exercise should also be avoided especially within the first few weeks of the surgery.
  • Dusty environments including gardening should be avoided at all costs as dust tends to lodge itself in the eyes further compromising the delicate cornea from making a full recovery.
  • Contact sports which tend to be rough and thus could result into an eye injury should also be avoided to further guarantee a quick and comfortable recovery from the LASIK procedure.
  • Avoid smoking as the smoke tends to irritate the eyes making recovery more uncomfortable.


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