Although monovision is not in itself a procedure it is an important vision correction method that has over the years become very prominent. Ideally while undergoing a regular laser refractive correction procedure such as the LASIK one can decide to have one eye left unrepaired for different reasons. In most cases experts and doctors advise their patients leave one eye untreated thus the term monovision so that one eye can see distance objects while the other one can see near objects. This extremely handy and useful fix ensures that one will not have to troop back to the doctor’s office in a few years time especially as the eyes continue to bear the weight of age related wear and tear. This paper seeks to explore the issue of monovision in its entirety especially when it comes to what one can expect and the striking advantages that one stands to enjoy.

What to expect with Monovision

Monovision is a remedy that is designed to accommodate aging and the terrors that it visits on the eyes. Although one may have a successful laser refractive surgery today that doesn’t mean that their eyes are not going to age and deteriorate especially in near sightedness thus watering down the effects of an otherwise highly effective procedure. While looking to incorporate this fix into regular eye care one can expect the following:

  • After successfully passing all the requirements for laser procedure candidacy, depending on one’s particular age they can ask their doctor about this procedure.
  • During the pre-surgery procedure the doctor can carry out extensive tests and evaluations to determine which eye is best suited for nearsightedness for the years to come.
  • During the surgery the doctor inspects the eyes and decides which one should be left slightly near sighted. To ensure this most surgeons usually completely skip the particular eye during the surgery while others treat it minimally to achieve this effect. After the surgery one can then go about their duties without the risk of requiring a repeat surgery as one can use this particular eye for all their short range seeing even into their old age.

Advantages of monovision

Although monovision is ideally a compromise it comes with many notable and striking benefits especially for older patients.

  • With monovision the patient can enjoy both near and distant sight without much trouble. As the eyes age they tend to lose a lot of their power particularly in short range seeing. To avoid losing this ability in both eyes one can use this procedure which leaves one eye near sighted to accommodate this eventuality.
  • Monovision also ensures that one can enjoy reading and other short range seeing needs for a longer time. In most cases just because one has undergone laser surgery doesn’t mean that their eyes will still not age and cause all the undesirable reduced sight that comes with age. However with this fix one can enjoy great long range sharp sight and decent short range sight for as many years as possible.

To learn more about monovision and many other laser care procedures head over to the OptiView Vision Center website for a very comprehensive guide.