Frequently Asked LASIK Questions

Like many other medical procedures the LASIK surgery which is a highly efficient refractive laser correction solution can seem quite complicated and mysterious to the ordinary person. Fortunately given the increasing availability of information regarding everything on the internet and other sources one can actually find out as much as possible about this procedure right at home. Moreover this paper seeks to address some of the most commonly asked questions regarding LASIK from many different sources.



  • Am I a good candidate for LASIK? Candidacy is one of the most important and basic question that concerns most people seeking this procedure. To determine whether one is eligible for this procedure there are a few requirements usually available at the doctor’s office that one should meet. These include; age, general health, eye health, whether one is pregnant or nursing, eye injuries and stable vision among others.
  • What is custom LASIK? Custom LASIK is a highly specialized form of LASIK that applies a wavefront technology to map a patient’s eyes particular interaction with light as far as focusing and clarity is concerned. Therefore the patterns collected during this process can only be used to correct a specific eye problem.
  • What will my LASIK recovery be like?This procedure is one of the most minimally intrusive medical procedures out there today. Throughout the entire surgery there is no use of sutures or other complicated procedures that usually tend to lengthen the overall healing time after surgery. Therefore LASIK healing is very quick and rarely comes with any complications especially if one follows the doctor’s instructions carefully and honors their check-up appointments.
  • What are the risks? Like all medical procedures LASIK comes with a few risks although they are not very common. These include Mild, moderate or severe dry eye, Haloes, glare, and starbursts, Loss of vision among others.
  • What are the differences between Conventional LASIK and Custom LASIK? Conventional LASIK applies a one fits all type of procedure that can cater to a wide range of patients while the custom surgery is carefully fashioned on a particular individuals unique needs to make it more successful and effective.
  • Is LASIK performed differently in a Custom LASIK procedure? Although these two types of surgeries share the same name Custom LASIK involves a much more advanced technology of mapping the patient’s eye and transferring this data to the laser machine.
  • I’ve heard a lot of great things about LASIK. What can LASIK do for me? This procedure comes with numerous attractive benefits that have made it into such an important household name in this industry. After the surgery one can witness a remarkable improvement on their vision and less overall dependency on any eye wear such as glasses and contact lenses.
  • How will I know what procedure I need to have? To identify the appropriate procedure one should always contact their doctor.
  • What does LASIK cost? This procedure is very cost effective and the OptiView Vision Centers have gone an extra mile to ensure that anyone can afford this surgery.
  • Who will my doctors be and what will they do? Apart from a qualified optometrist all patients are usually assigned a highly qualified surgeon to carry out the actual surgery.
  • What do I need to know about different laser technologies? To learn more about laser technologies visit the OptiView Vision Center’s website for a very informative and comprehensive guide.
  • Will the LASIK procedure hurt? Since the surgeon always uses the anesthetic eye drops to numb the surgical area this surgery does not hurt.