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Knowledge is power and this is particularly true when it comes to medical health. While looking to explore the big complicated world of laser refractive correction procedures that seem to come up each and every day having the right information can make the difference between getting the best care possible and experiencing a nightmare. Although laser eye procedures are ideally different there are a few things that are universal in all of them especially when it comes to preparation, post procedure care or even what to expect. In this paper one can learn many tips and tricks that are bound to go a long way in ensuring that they experience the best eye care out there that not only guarantees success but also happens to be cost effective and comfortable to boot.

What should one know before the procedure?

There are many things that anyone seeking to explore the wonders of any laser surgery procedure should familiarize themselves with such as:

  • Choose a doctor: The OptiView Vision Center has over the years endeavored to establish itself as the best laser eye care provider especially with its large network of affiliate doctors. To find a doctors in ones locality one should visit the OptiView Vision Center website and search for more information.
  • Candidacy: Although the laser technology has over the years surpassed many expectations it still comes with many limitations. Therefore one should take the necessary steps to ensure that they make for an ideal laser procedure candidate before investing more time and money in the effort. To determine this one should ensure that they meet a list of important criteria that will be provided by the doctor right at the first visit.
  • Evaluation: Before a laser correction procedure is carried out the patient must undergo an extremely intensive and comprehensive eye screening and evaluation that seeks to determine whether they are fit to undergo the said procedure. Additionally this evaluation also helps the doctor to determine which particular laser corrective procedure one is best suited for.

What to expect on the procedure day

If one is a great candidate for whichever laser refractive correction procedure they can expect the following on the catual procedure day:

  • Signing of all legal documents: these include the all important consent form that usually gives the doctor, surgeon and clinic to perform the procedure.
  • Actual surgery: once one has done away with the paper work they can get settled for the actual surgery. In most cases an optometrist will prepare one for the procedure as the surgeon performs the actual surgery later on. Most laser correction procedures such as the LASIK are actually very minimally invasive meaning that they take a very short time to complete and even to recover from compared to most other important medical procedures.

Post operative care

Given the fact that most laser procedures are very minimally invasive they require very little post procedure care. In most cases patients report a considerable reduction in any post surgery discomfort just after taking a nap or a short rest. However to monitor the recovery one should always keep all the check-up appointments to ensure that the recovery is on course.