LASIK Procedure Day

Most people tend to worry and feel anxious while preparing for an important event such as a LASIK surgery at an OptiView Vision Center or an affiliated doctors office. Given the fact that this procedure is an extremely easy and straightforward affair that will be over quickly and with little pain this worry is clearly misplaced. However, to ensure that one is missing nothing and thus relax and better focus on the actual surgery here is an important checklist that can go a long way. 

Things to remember

  • Sign a consent form: this is usually a requirement in most medical procedures that is ideally designed to eliminate any problems down the line. Although most clinics will require their patients to sign this all important and legally binding form on a day prior to the actual procedure others may allow one to sign it on the actual day.
  • Take drugs carefully: in some cases drugs one might be taking for other purposes may interfere with the natural workings of the eye making the surgery more risky or less successful. Medications that one should particularly avoid include antihistamines or any other drugs that tend to cause dry eyes. However other than this there really are no other restrictions on eating or drinking unlike in most other medical procedures.
  • Comfortable clothing: While going for a LASIK procedure the last thing one should be pre-occupied with is their clothing. Therefore one should take extra care to ensure that they chose comfortable lose fitting clothing that won’t interfere with the actual main event. Accessories such as earrings and other jewelry are also not advisable for the procedure day to further enhance comfort.
  • Avoid wearing contact lenses: this is one of the most important requirements before one is even admitted as an eligible LASIK candidate. This is due to the fact that these lenses tend to change that shape of the cornea making it very hard to treat using LASIK. As such these correctors should be avoided for a while prior to the procedure to avoid any problems.
  • Transport arrangements: although one may comfortably drive themselves into the clinic, this can be very difficult after the surgery. One should therefore make appropriate transport plans by either requesting a friend or taking a cab back home.

What to expect

  • Prior to the actual surgery the eyes are usually prepared. This involves cleaning, applying anti-inflammatory medications and applying the anesthetic drops.
  • Once this is done one is escorted to the laser suite where the surgeon proceeds to carry out the procedure.
  • Although there is no pain one can expect mild pressure or vibrations during the actual procedure. However this procedure is extremely short and one can relax and focus on the important part of recovery that also happens to be very easy and stress free.

To learn more about these and many other LASIK related tricks and tips please visit the OptiView Vision Center website for a more detailed guide into the world of laser refractive correction.