IOL Lenses-Phakic – (IOL)

The IOL Lenses-Phakic IOL is a newly FDA approved eye implantable lens that is used to correct common vision problem such as extreme myopia. Since its inception this technology has surpassed even the highest of expectations with its sheer simplicity and efficiency in correcting even the most debilitating vision problems amongst a wide range of cases. Indeed with this procedure many people have regained the use of their vision and continued to enjoy a long and productive life without the limitations that are posed by common vision problems. Moreover like many other implantable eye correction solution the Phakic Intraocular Lens (IOL) preserves the natural lens while improving the clarity of an individual’s vision which is more than can be said for other common correction procedures such as clear lens extraction. Given its versatility this procedure has particularly been championed for rare vision cases that usually fall outside the regular refractive prescriptions and other extreme vision conditions requiring more exclusive solutions. Regardless of an individual’s reason for seeking this procedure; the results are almost always impeccable and life changing. This paper goes into great details to expound important facts about IOL Lenses.


How IOL Lenses works

Phakic IOLs are usually surgically inserted in the eye to correct common light refraction errors that can sometimes affect the eye considerably reducing its ability to focus correctly on the retina. When successfully done this procedure enable the eye to focus distant objects on the retina instead of in front of the retina which tends to cause blurred and poor vision in individuals suffering from near sightedness.


Phakic IOL Surgery

A comprehensive eye screening is mandatory before this procedure can be carried out to ensure that an individual is an ideal candidate. Other requirements that patients may be required to adhere to include:

  • Discontinuation of wearing contact lenses to ensure that an accurate reading is taken during the screening.
  • Make a pre-surgery appointment for a special consultation aimed at managing the pressure within the eye after the implantation of the IOL lenses.
  • During the surgery the doctor’s uses eye drops to numb the surgical area.
  • The doctor makes a tiny incision and slips the Phakic IOL lens in front or just behind the iris.
  • The doctor will then use a bandaged contact lens and a clear eye patch to protect the eye until it is safe and less delicate.
  • Apart from being a simple outpatient procedure which is usually carried out right at the doctor’s office without any sophisticated instruments the Phakic IOL procedure is also reversible in case of any problems during or after the actual surgery.


What to expect after the surgery

Although minimally invasive the Phakic IOL is a very important procedure. Given its simplicity most people report minimal post operative discomfort mainly due to the lack of sutures. However a little time is required for the patient to start enjoying their brand new gift of sight as the procedure tends to come with blurred vision and an increased sensitivity to light right after. With correctly scheduled post surgery care most patients tend to sail through this stage and go on to enjoy a wonderful and clear vision for many years. To learn more about this and many other eye care solutions visit the OptiView Vision Center website at any time.