Implantable Collamer Lenses (ICL)

Implantable Collamer Lenses also known as (ICL) Phakic Intraocular Lenses are a ground breaking vision correction technology that applies the popular contact lens concept on the inside. This procedure has over the years become an extremely important and popular vision problem solution due to its unmatched efficiency and practicability especially compared to other traditional eye correction methods such as eye glasses and contact lenses. This method which essentially involves correcting the problem from inside the eye while preserving the eyes’ natural lens is particularly recommended for prescriptions that fall outside the accepted range of refractive procedures. Other problemsthat can be corrected using this method include extreme near or farsightedness or in individuals who may otherwise be poor candidates for common vision correcting procedures. This paper gives anin-depth review of the implantable Collamer Lenses procedure including how it works and what to expect during and after the surgery.


How ICL works

During an ICL procedure the implantable collamer lens also known as the implantable contact lens is usually placed surgically inside the eye. This procedure is designed to correct the common refractive error in the eye by adding the much needed extra focusing power without removing any tissue. When done successfully it completely eliminates the need for contact lenses or eye glasses and guarantees that the natural lens is not removed like in so many other procedures such as the cataract surgery or clear lens extraction.


ICL Surgery Procedure

To determine whether one is an ideal match for this procedure they should go for a comprehensive eye screening at their doctor’s office immediately. Other requirements that one might have to meet before undergoing this handy procedure include:

  • Discontinue wearing contact lenses for several weeks before examination to guarantee an accurate diagnosis.
  • Schedule a procedure to help manage the pressure in the eye after the ICL surgery well before the actual procedure.


The actual ICL procedure

The ICL is a very simple and straightforward procedure and one can expect the following:

  • The doctor places special eye drops in the eye to increase the pupils’ size.
  • Anesthetic drops are also used to numb the surgical area.
  • The doctor makes a tiny incision and slides the lens between the iris also colored part of the eye and the natural lens.
  • This procedure is a permanent solution to common eye problem that can however be reversed in case of any problems with the lens down the line.



Over the years experts in the eye care and especially the vision correction field have endeavored to come up with the best technology that serves the largest number of people regardless of how unique their situations are. With the ICL this goal seems achievable given its unmatched convenience, practicability and effectiveness in almost all situations. Additionally this method offers a permanent solution that will not require the individual to keep replacing their eye wear or make numerous trips to the doctor’s office. To learn more about this procedure visit theOptiView Vision Center websiteat any time.