Follow Up Care

Although the popular LASIK eye correction procedure is fairly simple and straight forward without many complications a certain level of post surgery follow up is usually called for. Once the procedure is done at the doctor’s clinic there are a few steps that must be taken to ensure that one continues enjoying the wonderful benefits that come with this procedure. From improved vision at all times regardless of the light intensity or time of day to the freedom of never having to use the cumbersome eye wear vision correctors such as eyeglasses this procedures clearly has it all. As such one should ensure that they take the appropriate and due care that will guarantee a successful recovery. Indeed follow up is in itself an important procedure that if wrongly done can jeopardize the hard work already put in during the actual LASIK surgery. This paper reviews important tips and steps that anyone can take to ensure that they benefit as much as possible from this procedure at all times.

Important steps to stay the recovery course

  • Schedule timely follow up appointments: After the surgery it is important to ensure that one maintains close contact with their doctor to ensure that the eye is healing appropriately and in a timely manner. Experts recommend regular visits to the doctor’s office for the first three months after the surgery to monitor the healing process closely and catch any problems as early as possible. In the long run annual eye exams are also recommended for all individuals who have undergone laser eye correction to ensure that no issues develop down the road. The importance of these visits cannot be understated especially given the fact that the eye is a very sensitive organ that always needs close monitoring even at the best of times.
  • Follow doctor’s instructions: A doctors is likely to have a lot of resources and useful information that when followed carefully will ensure that the LASIK procedure is as successful as possible. During the regular follow-up visits one should ensure that they glean as much information as possible on how to take care of the healing eye back at home as efficiently as possible. Additionally in case of any questions concerning the healing process one should never the leave the doctor’s office without a satisfactory answer as these seemingly trivial issues can escalate and cause serious problems in future.
  • Obtain a LASIK follow-up care timeline:
    • Week one: eardrops are prescribed to reduce the risk of infection.
    • First few months: the doctor closely monitors the healing process and ensures that the eyes are comfortable and seeing well.


In most cases follow up is just as important as the actual procedure and this is especially true with the LASIK surgery. Indeed the appropriate care will ensure that one gets their brand new and improved sight quickly and in a more comfortable way. To learn more about LASIK including pre-surgery, post surgery and general tips visit the OptiView Vision Center website at anytime.