Custom LASIK

The difference between traditional LASIK and the custom type is the type of software that is used to guide the excimer laser during the vision correction process.

Traditionally the laser was set-up according to the strength of the patient’s prescription. The prescription determined by what degree the cornea needed to be re-shaped.

With Custom LASIK the eye specialist measure the patient’s eye during the pre-procedural phase. The detailed computer scan is then used to determine the amount of shaping that needs to be done.

The software then uses that custom analysis to guide the excimer laser during the vision correction procedure to re-shape the cornea exactly to the patient’s needs.

During the scan the software analyzes the exact properties of the individual eyes in far greater detail than a prescription reveals. The software generates an fingerprint of the patients eye and cornea.

Even though Custom LASIK achieves higher accuracy results than traditional LASIK does, it can only be employed for patients with big enough pupils, and with mild to medium degree of myopia or astigmatism.

For the patients that do not qualify traditional LASIK or monovision treatment are the options left, which still achieve very good results.