Am I a Candidate for LASIK

Although LASIK is an extremely beneficial and life changing vision correction procedure in most cases it is not for everyone. There is a list of important requirements that all patients should meet before becoming LASIK candidates put in place to avoid some serious risks. This paper expounds several of these requirements with a brief overview of why experts have recommended them for the safety of the patient and to guarantee a more successful surgery.

Most important requirements for LASIK Surgery

  • General health: All patients seeking this procedure must be in great health and should not have certain serious chronic health conditions such as diabetes, autoimmune illnesses, and high blood pressure or be under medication targeting the immune system.
  • Eye health: to be eligible for this procedure one must not have a preexisting chronic eye condition such as affecting the cornea, iris or lens. Other conditions that can effectively rule one out as a candidate include diseases that affect the eye such as herpes.
  • Eye injury: a candidate should not have a recent eye injury that has not healed yet by the time of the surgery.
  • Age: to qualify for the LASIK surgery a patient should be at least 18 years old.
  • Women who are pregnant or nursing: During pregnancy or nursing there is the production of numerous hormones that might interfere with the healing process of the eye after surgery. As such these individuals are required to wait for at least 3 months after nursing is discontinued before qualifying for this procedure.
  • Dry eye conditions: Patient who suffers from the notorious constant dry eye condition cannot be candidates for this procedure.
  • Good vision: to qualify for this procedure one must have stable vision for at least one year prior to the surgery.
  • Screening: before a LASIK procedure a patient should be thoroughly screened to ensure that their eyes are fit for this procedure especially when it comes to the shape of the cornea and its thickness.
  • Contacts: Prior to a LASIK procedure one should not wear contact lenses for a given time to be determined by their doctor. This is to ensure that the eye evaluation test which is mandatory before the surgery turns up accurate results.

The Dangers of Wearing Contact Lenses before Having LASIK

When looking to have a LASIK surgery done to correct a pesky vision problem, avoiding contact lenses is one of the most important requirements that one should take very seriously. This is due to the following reasons:

  • Long-term wear: Wearing of contact lenses for long periods of time has been observed to cause notable changes to the shape and alignment of the cornea. Since LASIK cannot be performed on oddly shaped cornea this can unfairly knock one out of the race. Discontinuing the uses of these contacts allows the cornea to regain its natural shape thus making this procedure possible.
  • The Custom process: While looking to have a customized LASIK procedure which involves the careful mapping of one’s eyes the disfiguring effect of the contact lenses on the cornea can be very harmful.

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