Bladeless LASIK

Bladeless LASIK technology uses cutting-edge technology that allows the eye specialist to customize the cutting line for each person specifically. Bladeless LASIK replaced the scalpel with a custom laser that has been used and tested extensively around the world.

It differs from traditional LASIK in the way that the corneal is not sliced open with a surgical knife, but the IntraLase® laser, which offers better control and higher safety for the patient.

The customization happens in 3 stages:

1. during the pre-procedural care appointments
2. during the procedure by using the custom adjusted IntraLase® to make the section specific for each patient
3. also during the treatment when the Wavefront laser is adjusted exactly to the patient’s needs

How the IntraLase® laser works:

The laser itself is simply a bean of light that is narrowly focused on the part of the cornea that needs to be cut open. The laser creates a very fast sequence of extremely small bubbles that are causing the cut

The flap is then open by your specialist just as it would be opened in traditional LASIK. The only difference is that the flap is cut with laser-sharp precision, making is safer than a manual cut.

When the flap is open, the excimer laser continues the treatment. After the excimer laser is done, the flap is placed back on the now corrected cornea.

Due to the precise cut, the flap falls back in place much easier than it would with the traditional scalpel cut.